The construction of the gas unit of Zahedan CCPP is started
24 November 2018
At the same time with the Minister of Energy travel to Sistan and Baluchistan Province, the construction of gas unit of Zahedan CCPP has been started

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, the executive operation of Zahedan CCPP construction has been started with the aim of solving voltage drop problems in Sistan and Baluchistan Province. Zahedan CCPP will be including 2 gas units of 162 Mw and 1 steam unit which will be constructed in a 50 hectares land in Zahedan city. The second fuel of the power plant is gasoline and will has 2 fuel tankers, each with 20000 cubic meters capacity which can provide the power plant fuel for 45 days if the gas is interrupted.

Reza Ardakanian, the Minister of Energy, referred to the great role of this power plant in developing the industry and booming the production activities and said: “the construction of this project with 1300 billion Tomans credit from internal sources, will provide the increase in generation capability and stability of the electricity grid in the south-east region of the country.”

He Expressed that south-east of the country can be one the centers of energy production for electricity export to neighboring countries and continued: “We are trying to create energy hub for export in Sistan and Baluchistan.”

Tarztalab, TPPH Managing Director said in this ceremony: “there are other programs for developing Sistan and Baluchistan Province under negotiations and programming and TPPH has special view to electricity and energy in this region.”

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