For the first time in the Iran: manufacturing of “mold craft tie rod” in Yazd Power Plant by Iranian experts and saving the 230000 euros by Yazd Electric Power Generation Company
16 December 2018
Managing Director of Yazd Electric Power Generation Company announced: “the company has finished the project of manufacturing one “mold craft tie rod” of the Yazd combined cycle power plant for the first time in the country and during 9 months which leads to saving 230000 euros.”

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Reza Asadi, Managing Director of Yazd Electric Power Generation Company said: “Yazd Electric Power Generation Company started the manufacturing project of “mold craft tie rod” of Yazd CCPP in 1395 with the aim of supporting the interior manufacturing and in line with the policies announced by the Supreme Leader on Resistance Economics.”

We added: “the Company has signed a contract for manufacturing “tie rod” inside the country with Isfahan Foulad Alyage Company in 1395 and preparing the map from the existing “tie rod” in MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TOGA).”

He continued: “during the manufacturing operation, Yazd Electric Power Generation Company was employer and Yazd Power Generation Management Company as colleague, had continuous and regular monitoring.”

He mentioned: “the raw and made “tie rod” has been tested in TOGA Company including dimensional testing, heat treatment and ultrasonic (UT) testing and finally after Final Finishing and doing additional operation, was exploited.”

He said: “the mentioned tie rod has been installed on the G11 craft of Yazd CCPP 8 months ago and has worked 4000 hours till now.”

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