Construction of 546 Mw Sabzevar Power Plant is started
3 February 2019
At the same time of as Fajr Decade, the construction of Sabzevar CCPP has started with the presence of I.R. of Iran Minister of Power

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Minister of Power said in groundbreaking ceremony of Sabzevar 546 Mw CCPP said: “the country power industry has significant improvement during years after Islamic Revolution.”

Reza Ardakanian mentioned: “installed capacity of the country power plants has 11 times growth and has reached from 7000 Mw before Revolution to 80 thousands Mw in the current year. Length of power grid of the country has reached from 82 thousands kilometers to 923 thousands kilometers which has grew 11 times.”

He continued: “number of villages enjoying electricity was 4 thousand villages at the early years of after revolution and now it is 57 thousands villages which has 13 times growth. At the first days after revolution, the peak of grid was 3480 Mw and today this amount has passed 57000 Mw and it has 16 times growth.”

Mohsen Tarztalab, Managing Director of TPPH Co. said in this ceremony: “on the first day of 40th anniversary celebration of Islamic Revolution glorious victory and in the presence of Minister of Power, construction operation of Sabzevar 546 Mw CCPP is started.”

He explained: “fortunately the generation level in Razavi Khorazan Province is positive and now there is 600 million euros investment in power plant section of the province as these power plants can help greatly to national grid at the peak time in summer.”

He added: “Sabzevar power plant will include two gas units, each with 183 Mw capacity, and one steam unit with 180 Mw capacity and it is estimated this power plant will be synced to national grid till 1399 year summer peak consumption.”

Tarztalab announced the aim of this power plant construction is preparing the sustained and stable electricity for national grid especially in Razavi Khorasan Province and said this project will be constructed with Naja Cooperation Foundation investment and Ofogh of the Persian Gulf Energy Development Company is introduced as Project Company.


While saying that MAPNA Group is contractor of this project, Tarztalab added: “the total cost for construction of this power plant is estimated 275 million euros.”

It is mentionable Sabzevar CCPP will be constructed at the first of Zardkouh road, Sabzevar town, 25 kilometers of Sabzevar – Shahroud road, in Razavi Khorazan Province.

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