Executive operation of Sayna CCPP’s infrustruction in Ramhormoz has been started in presence of I.R. of Iran Minister of Power
6 March 2019
The gas section of this power plant efficiency will be more than 40 percent which will reach to about 60 percent in addition to steam section and in ISO condition 

According to TPPH Company Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Mohsen Tarztalab, Managing Director of TPPH Company, said in sideline of the beginning ceremony of the executive operation of the power plant’s infrastructure: “Ramhormoz CCPP, with 615 Mw capacity, is high efficiency type and will be included one gas unit with 410 Mw capacity and one steam unit with 205 Mw capacity and it is estimated it will be synced to national grid till end of 2021.”

While referring that Ramhormoz Power Plant will use new generation of turbines, he continued: “the efficiency of gas section of this power plant will be 40 percent which will reach to about 60 percent in addition to steam section and in ISO condition.”

Tarztalab clarified: “the needed investment for establishing this power plant will be prepared from foreign financing.”

He mentioned: “total cost for Ramhormoz Power plant establishment is estimated more than 350 million euros.”

He expressed that the aim of this power plant construction is preparing the reliable electricity and stable national power grid especially in Khuzestan Province and added: “Ramhormoz CCPP will be constructed TPPH Co. investment acceptance on an area of 70 hectares.”

He said: “the main fuel of the power plant will be gas and gasoline will be used as substitution and second fuel in this power plant.”

The Planning Deputy of TPPH Company said among reporters in the same ceremony: “15 billion Tomans credit has been considered for construction of the power plant.”

He added: “this power plant is going to construct by private sector and the funds will be done through domestic and foreign participation.”

Azimi mentioned: “according to accomplished programs, the construction of the power plant will be done during three years and its electricity will be purchased as a guarantee.”

He estimated that the necessary cost for construction of this power plant is 350 million euros and expressed: “we hope this power plant will be synced to the country’s grid in 2023.”

Azimi clarified: “the finance contract of this project will be signed with the participation of domestic and Chinese resources and all its financing will be prepared by private sector and this power plant construction will be started next year by opening LC.”

Referring to beginning of executive operation of Veys Power Plant in the same day by I.R. of Mister of Power, he mentioned: “we will witness from now on saving the fuel consumption and decreasing the power plant’s pollutants by constructing Ahvaz Veys Power Plant with 906 Mw capacity which is high efficiency type.”

It is mentionable Ramhormoz CCPP will be constructed in 60 km from Ahvaz road to Ramhormoz in Khuzestan Province.

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