The construction operation of Veys CCPP Power Plant has started
7 March 2019
Construction operation of 906 Mw Veys Power Plant has started in presence of I.R. of Iran Minister of Power

According to TPPH Company Public Relations Office, the Minister of Power said in this ceremony: “construction of power plants with F Class turbines and with 58 percent efficiency means achieving the horizons of today’s knowledge and it's a place of pride.”

He hoped: “the program of this power plant construction and setting up and other 5000 Mw of F Class power plant, which their construction are programmed, will be started and entered in the country’s grid soon.”

The Minister of Power expressed: “this is a deterrent factor for foreign agent and those who have a horrific eye on Iran.”

He added: “country renewable wealth is human resources and if it is on the path to prosperity, development, and production, not only Iran will be more developed, but also all region will be developed.”

Mohsen Tarztalab, TPPH Co. Managing Director, said in the same ceremony: “the total capacity of this power plant will be 906 Mw and it is in the category of high efficiency type and included two gas units, each with 307 Mw capacity, and one steam unit with 292 Mw capacity and it is estimated that the power plant will be synced to national grid till 2021.”

While referring that in Veys power plant new generation of F Class turbines will be used, Tarztalab mentioned: “the gas section efficiency of the power plant is 40 percent which total efficiency in addition to steam section and in the ISO condition will reach to 58 percent.”

He clarified: “the necessary investment for construction of this power plant will be prepared through foreign loan and Mines and Industry Bank is introduced as project agent bank. The total cost of Veys Power Plant construction is estimated more than 500 million euros.”

TPPH Co. Managing Director said that the aim of this power plant construction is preparing the reliable electricity and stable national power grid especially in Khuzestan Province and added: “Veys Power Plant will be constructed on an of area 86 hectares and TPPH Co. is employer and MAPNA Group is introduced as executive contractor company.”

He mentioned the main fuel of the power plant is gas and said: “gasoline is the second and substitute fuel in power plant.”

The executer of CC power plant plans expressed: “Veys Power Plant is among the first priority sites and its turbines are manufactured by Siemens and MAPNA Companies which are counted as the best generation in the world.”

Alireza Nasroulahi added: “it was supposed this cycle was constructed as thermal, but because of the importance of pollutants decrease, it was decided combined cycle was constructed with more capacity. Previously it was supposed to be 650 Mw, but now it is more than 900 Mw.”   

He continued: “according the contract with MAPNA Group, which is the main executor of the project, it was supposed the project will be operational during 44 months, but we are trying to decrease this period by preparing engineering equipment. Estimated credit for this project is more than 500 million euros.”

He mentioned: “the power plant will use posts which are resistant against dust and are used in the world level against environmental pollutants.”

He expressed: “the main fuel of the power plant is gas which has less pollution and we are not able to use mazut in this cycle as it is not steam cycle and therefore we witness less pollution naturally.”

Nasroulahi added: “there are water in the cycle which is used for cooling and will be recycled to generation cycle by ACC again. Water consumption in this power plant is 100 cubic meter in one hour which is ten times as much in steam power plants.”

He said: “modernization of current Ramin Power Plant is one of our aims and never Ministry of Energy was pioneer in using mazut as it has more cost for them, but sometimes we have no other way like in summer and gas shortage except using mazut.”

Finally he told: “by construction CCPPs we can hope that we are taking action to rehabilitation.”

It is mentionable CCPP Veys will be constructed in 20 km of Ahvaz to Masjid Soleyman road in Khuzestan Province.

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