Dalaho Power Plant’s first gas unit synced
Dalaho CCPP’s first gas unit has been synced to Iran national grid with nominal capacity of 310 Mw

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Office, Mohsen Tarztalab, Managing Director of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company announced: “the first unit of Dalaho CCPP has been synced to the national grid.”

He added: “in relation to power generation in the west of the country, responsiveness to the growth of consumption in the region and export of electricity to neighboring countries, construction of the Dalaho class F CCPP assigned to Farab Company with 56 percent efficiency including two gas unit of 310Mw and one steam unit of 293 Mw, totally 913 Mw (in ISO situation) assigned to Farab Company as investor.”

He said the main fuel of the power plant in natural gas and supporting fuel is gasoline and continued: “the project EPC contract is 365 million euros and share brought by the investor 145 million euros and 220 million euros is determined from National Development Fund Facilities for construction of this power plant in form of combined cycle.”

It is mentionable Dalaho Power Plant is located in Kermanshah Province, 5 Km of west north of Islamabad and west of Siah Khor Village.

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