I. R. Iran Honorable President in Opening Ceremony of Heris CCPP: “Harris Power Plant’s Construction by Iranian Engineers is a Great Honor.”
Iranian President mentioned the construction of Heris Power Plant by Iranian Engineers is a Great Proud and emphasized opening of major project in the situation of enemy’s pressure and sanction is meaningful and a proud.

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Office, Hassan Rouhani, Iranian President said in the opening ceremony of Heris CCPP: “today we take another step for country’s economic growth and electricity generation from 62 thousands Mw in 2013 reached to 81 thousand and 700 Mw in 2019.”

The President called the private sector activity a double honor and added: “67 percent of the country’s electricity is generated by private sector.”

The President described opening of the great industrial and infrastructure projects in the situation of the enemy’s comprehensive sanction and pressure as very important and honorable and said: “the opening of the gas unit of Heris CCPP and construction of this power plant during three years is outstanding step and honor.”

He continued: “the opening of such infrastructure plans are very important for economic and social changes and when such blessings are available for human beings, usually are forgotten, but when a problem raises like power outage, the value of such services becomes more apparent.”

He mentioned: “from the beginning of Islamic Revolution, the capacity of country’s electricity was 7 thousand Mw and in the beginning of the Tact and Hope Government, this capacity was 62 thousands Mw and today it reached to 81 thousands and 700 Mw which shows the very significant growth in the field of investment, generation and creating necessary capacity in the energy field.”

Rouhani said: “today we have reached to the knowledge of using modern technologies in construction power plant and this has increased the efficiency of generation which means we have entered in the area of Class F power plants and it is a change that we can use better and more from power plants.”

He described opening of the great projects in the sanction situation as pleasant and sweet and said: “the opening of these projects in the current situation is the beginning of a proud and victory for economic and social growth. In next year averagely each month, we will witness the opening of very significant project in one of provinces in different fields especially in the field of water and electricity.”

Iranian president said: “the issue that more than 6 thousands billion Tomans project are opened in East Azerbaijan Province in one day means the country’s expansion and hope and happiness in society.”

He clarified: “in the situation of enemy’s pressure and sanction, the opening of very significant projects are a very higher proud for Iran’s nation.”

Referring that from the early days of Tact and Hope Government, about 40 thousands billion Tomans have been only invested in electricity section annually, Iranian President mentioned: “in the opening of these projects the private sector is presented and cooperated actively and this issue is counted a double proud for government and we believe government must give over such plans to private sector step by step. Today 67 percent of electricity generation is related to private sector and this shows that entrepreneurs, people and government have chosen the correct path for country’s development and this path will continue.”

Reza Ardakanian, the Iran’s Minister of Power described the activity of the government in the field of country’s energy and electricity industry shining and extraordinary and said: “in the years before the government of Tact and Hope we had averagely about 1750 Mw installed capacity in electricity annually and during last 6 years, we had 2105 Mw installed capacity annually and in renewable power plants about 90 Mw has been added to the country’s power plant capacity.”

Minister of Power expressed: “from the beginning the 11th Government about 40 thousands billion Tomans has been invested in the country’s electricity and energy industry annually and this amount during last 6 years have been about 235 billion Tomans.”

He stated: “till the end of current year, 217 great plans have been come into operation with 32 thousands billion Tomans investment in the water and electricity section and 23 great power plant projects will be started with a credit more than 46 thousands billion Tomans.”


At the ceremony, the I. R. Iran President also issued a video conference ordering for the operation of Sahand Bonab power plant with 451 capacity and a credit more than 250 million euros.    

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