The construction of the Sahand Bonab CCPP began by Iranian President’s Order
One of the Most Modern Country’s Power Plant Construction Operation has started in East Azerbaijan Province

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Office, the deputy of Minister of Power said in this ceremony: “the capacity of the power plant is 451 Mw and is including one gas turbine with 307 Mw and will be come into operation till 2021 summer.”

Homayoun Hayeri, added: “steam turbine of the power plant will have the capacity of 144 Mw electricity generation and this power plant has totally 58 percent efficiency.”

Mentioning that the amount of investment for construction of this power plant is 250 million, he said: “the main fuel for the power plant is gas and the second fuel is gasoline.”

Expressing that the construction of this power plant near an old power plant is a kind of advantage, he said: “Bonab Steam Power Plant is 650 Mw and the new power plant is 450 Mw and totally 1000 Mw is injected to the region and will be a useful help to prepare electricity for industries and agriculture.”

Abdolrasool Pishahang, TPPH Co. Deputy of Generation Leadership said: “it is an honor which we start construction of the most modern power plants in the world today with reliance to our previous experience.”

He added: “in the present, 40 percent of all power plants are constructed by government and other 60 percent by private sector and all of these power plants are active in the network by unity and efforts of all personnel of the power industry.”

Referring to the Deputy of Power Minister in Electricity and Energy Affairs’ order about creation of new architecture in the field of electricity generation in the country, he emphasized: “this architecture must be in a way that each region be balanced in the generation and consumption.”

He mentioned: “4850 Mw electricity is generated which from this amount, 3250 Mw is consummated and the rest can be exported.”

He stated: “each year 3850 parts are produced inside the country and sanction is a suitable opportunity for our nation to be separated from independence and movement toward knowledge-based projects.”

Referring to increase of power plant readiness ratio from 85 percent to 98 percent in this year summer, Pishahang emphasized: “this level of readiness is due to the efforts and dedication of the country's electrical industry personnel.”

Alireza Nasroullahi, the TPPH Executor of CCPP Projects in the same ceremony said: “today the construction operation of one of newest and the most modern thermal power plant is started in East Azerbaijan Province and we hope regarding the provided arrangements, MAPNA Company starts the construction operation of this power plant as fast as possible.”

Abass Aliabad, Managing Director of MAPNA Company also expressed: “producing the parts inside the country in electricity industry leads to employment, preventing corruption and the outflow of currency in the country.”

He continued this project will be operational in two next years, if the financial resources are prepared.

Aliabad finalized: “the main equipment like turbine and generator are produced and will be installed in the site on time.”

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