The third unit of the steam section of Parand Thermal Power Plant was inaugurated in a video conference by order of the I. R. of Iran President
The third unit of the steam section of Parand Thermal Power Plant was inaugurated in the first week of the #Evening_of Every  Week _A_B_Iran in 1399 by the order of the President and the Minister of Energy in a video conference last month.

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Office, the executive operation of the construction of the third unit of the steam section of Parand Thermal Power Plant with an investment of 2,350 billion Tomans by the private sector with a capacity of 160 MW and 50% efficiency has started since 1394.

The project, which aims to provide sustainable and reliable electricity for the people of the region and reduce pollution, will create employment opportunities for 40 people at the time of exploitation and a total of 220 people directly and 1,500 people indirectly.

Homayoun Haeri, Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy Affairs, stated at the inauguration ceremony of the third steam unit of Parand Power Plant that the plant has 6 gas units and three steam units. The efficiency of the gas units of this power plant has increased from 33% to 53% by connecting the units of the steam section to them.

He added: "Today, the third steam unit with a capacity of 160 MW was put into operation with an investment of 2350 billion Tomans, which will increase the total capacity of this power plant to 1503 MW and the total capacity of the country's electricity to 83,500 MW."

The Deputy Minister of Energy pointed out: All gas and steam units of Parand power plant are made in Iran and are equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies that have been built by Mapna Company.

he emphasized: "with the commissioning of all three units of the 480 MW combined cycle steam unit, 850 million cubic meters of gas consumption will be saved annually."

He added: "9 steam units with a capacity of 1440 MW and in the form of #Every Week_of_A_B_Iran in other power plants of the country will come to the country's power circuit, which is a record in the construction of this number of steam units during a year."

The Deputy Minister of Energy for Electricity and Energy Affairs noted: "Last year, with the efforts of colleagues in the electricity industry, the efficiency of thermal power plants for the first time reached 38.56 percent, which, God willing, will reach over 39 percent by the end of this year."

He added: "Employers of the country's electricity industry are working around the clock to prevent the spread of Corona or to follow the disease prevention protocols so that there are no problems for the people and the country in supplying electricity."

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