By exploiting the first gas unit of Samangan Power Station, the capacity of Iran’s national electricity network increased by 166 megawatts
By exploiting first gas unit of Sanamgan combined cycle power station in Kerman province with 166 megawatt capacity, the total synchronized electricity generation from power station units in the new Persian fiscal year reached 1314 megawatts

According to TPPH’s public relations, Samangan combined cycle power station which will have a gas unit and a steam unit is under construction in Kerman province by the investment of Qods niru, Kerman Tableau and Kani Mess Companies. This is the 71 st power station unit that is built under private sector’s investment in Iran.

It is estimated that by exploiting the second unit of this power station in September 2016 and its steam unit with 160 megawatts capacity in August 2017, the total amount of electricity generated in this power station will reach 492 megawatts.

The electricity distributer post of the power station to the national electricity network is 230 kilovolts which is constructed by power station’s investing companies and has joined the network since last June.

The current outcome of the power station is 49/5% and in order to provide the power stations fuel in the gas shortage periods, 2 storages with 20,000 cube meters’ gasoline reserve are designed and built that can provide the power station’s fuel for a period of 45 days.

The construction process of Samangan power station is done by providing equipment chiefly provided from domestic technologies by MAPNA Company and Qods Niroos Company was the advisor of the project.

This power station is situated in 10 th kilometre of Sirjan-Kerman Road in a 64 hectares’ surface in order to develop electricity generation and to respond consumption growth.

In should be added that since 1996 to present, 251 thermal power station units with the total capacity of 37,508 megawatts have been exploited that the amount of 11,459 megawatts (equal to 30.55%) is constructed with private sector’s participation.


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