Planning Deputy of Thermal Power Plants Holding announced: “In Order to Execute Resistant Economic Projects, We Managed to Add 1640 Megawatt to Iran’s National Electricity Distribution Network.”
This increase in capacity has been executed in the form of combined cycles power plants’ 8 gas units and 2 steam units.

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and foreign affairs office, Mr. Hamidreza Azimi, planning Deputy of Thermal Power Plants Holding, has also added that these projects include gas units of Mahshahr, Behbahan, Samangan, Gol Gohar, Mamangan combined cycle power plants and steam units of Chadormelo and Shobad combined cycle power plants which have joint the country’s national electricity distribution network from end of April to end of September 2016.

He emphasized that gas unit of Mahshahr combined cycle power plant will be synchronized to the country’s national electricity distribution network and thus, exploitation of 1800 Megawatt thermal power plants in the 2016-2017 Persian fiscal year will be thoroughly accomplished as planned.

Mr. Azimi asserted about other Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) resistant economic priority plans that in the beginning of executive construction plans of 9 power plants including Jahrom, Parand, Sabalan, Kashan, Ferdowsi, Urmia, Asaluyeh, Roushour and Chabahar power stations, 3514 Megawatt capacity has been foreseen. Among these projects Parand and Jahrom power plant units will be exploited in the upcoming Persian fiscal year.

“In the beginning of executive construction plans with the capacity of 10000 Megawatts in newly constructed power plants, Maku, Qeshm, West Mazandaran, Khoramabad, Dalaho, Lamard, Haris and Bandar Abbas’s power stations are under construction which will fulfil 4383 Megawatts of the project.

It should be added that by the order of Resistant Economy Headquarter, the executive construction of four project in energy filed have been handed to Thermal Power Plants Holding.​

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