TPPH main Board of Directors Members have been appointed by Energy Minister 29 Oct. 2018
31 October 2018
The I.R.Iran Energy Minister has appointed Thermal Power Plants Holding Companies new Board of Directors Members by issuing separated administrative orders.

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Reza Ardakanian, Minister of Energy has issued separated administrative orders to appoint Mohsen Tarztalab, Abdullah Arabgari, Mohammad Dorali, Abdol Rasul Pishahang, Hamid Reza Azimi and Arash Kordi as Board of Directors Member of Thermal Power Plant Holding Company for two next years.

It is mentionable Minster of Energy had appointed Homayoon Haeri as Chairman and Member of TPPH Board of Directors on 21 Jul. 2018.


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