TPPH Managing Director: Our debt was settled at 7,000 billion Tomans
11 November 2018
Mohsen Tarztalab said: “Note 5 of the 1397 (solar calendar) Budget Law provided the government with a capacity to pay off debts and Central Bank has determined the amount of use of this capacity 87000 billion Tomans which 10000 billion Tomans of that is the share of the Ministry of Energy.

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Mohsen Tarztalab, Managing Director of TPPH expressed in the sideline of the 18th International Exhibition of Iran Power Industry among the reporters: “in the first 6 months of the current year, the amount of the country’s power generation was more than 185 billion Kwh which 96.2% of it were generated in the thermal power plants.” 

He added: “the readiness of thermal power plants in this summer like the last year summer, was more than 99% and from 53000 Mw country’s power generation in the peak period in this summer, 48000 Mw have been generated in the thermal power plants.”

Managing Director of Thermal Power Plant Holding Company mentioned: “in the current year, the thermal power generation has been increased 4.3 % in relation to the last year generation, but the fuel consumption has not risen and this shows that the efficiency of the thermal power generation has been raised.”

He continued: “the average efficiency of power generation in the thermal power plants is 37.9% right now and it must be 40%.”

Referring to programs in order to decrease the water consumption of the thermal power plants which are in progress, he said: “in Shahid Mofattah Power Plant in Hamedan, we could decrease the water consumption significantly by turning the wet tower to dry water and the same process is in progress for the second unit of the power plant.”

He stated: “this plan is also happening in Isfahan power plant and Biston power plant in Kermanshah in order to change the wet cooling unit of this power plant in the first phase from wet tower to dry tower.”

In replying to the question "What is the result of the Unit Company’s investment for construction of power plant in Iran?", he said: “the governmental guarantees for attracting financial resources have been given to this investor about one and half month ago, but this company has announced that it is waiting for clarification of international conditions in order it can present the Iran’s governmental guarantee to foreign banks to get loans.”

He continued: “in this stage, it cannot be said exactly if this company will be successful in investing for construction of power plant in Iran or not, but negotiations are continued and Unit Company has agreed 95% of presented governmental guarantee text and has only mentioned some points about some articles.”

About the assignment of 7,500 megawatts of electric power production capacity, which was supposed to be made by converting simple cycle power plants into a combined cycle without using fuel, Tarztalab said: “Of this amount, we advanced 3500 megawatts with the private sector by signing the contract and all power plants of this contracts are going to be complete and enter to the network.”

Managing Director of TPPH mentioned: “We are also looking for converting the power plant’s simple cycle 3 into combined cycle by using Note 19 of the Budget Law and the sale of the gas unit and allocate it to encourage the investor to create steam unit.”

Regarding the level of negotiations with foreign companies over the recent years, Managing Director of TPPH Co. said: “Totally in the last 3 years, the sum of negotiations, agreements and signed contracts with foreign companies for the construction of power plants in Iran has been made to 6.3 billion Euros and to date, except the financial line of Russia, no negotiations and financial line have not been opened.”

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