With the presence of I.R. Iran First Vice President and Power Minister, steam unit of Kashan CCPP has been operational
14 Jan 2019
Steam unit of Kashan combined cycle power plant with 160 Mw capacity has been operational in presence of I.R. Iran First Vice President and Power Minister.

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Mohsen Tarztalab, Managing Director of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. said in this ceremony: “the Kashan CCPP includes two Siemens gas units V94.2.5 with 324 Mw capacity which has been established in 1388 by Iran Power Development Company by MAPNA Company as contractor in an area of 50 hectares and its O & M was presented to New Energy Production and Exploitation Company (Saba Novin)”

He added: “this is the fourth thermal power plant project by TPPH Co. after Maku, Behbahan, Zahedan and Hormoz Power Plants for passing the next year’s power peak.”

Tarztalab mentioned: “after signing the Buyback contract with TPPH Company, the construction operation of one steam unit with 160 Mw capacity and 230 Kv has been started in 1394.”

Managing Director of Thermal Power Plant Holding Company clarified: “the total amount of the contract for this project which is EPC, is 128.5 million euros which 38.5 million euros is the share of the investor brought and 90 million euros is from National Development Fund Facility.”

He continued: “the main fuel of Kashan CCPP is natural gas and supporting fuel is gasoline which has been saved in two 20 one Thousand cubic meters tankers that can provide the power plant fuel for 45 days in emergency cases or interruption of gas.”

It is mentionable Kashan CCPP has been located in 25 kilometers from Kashan-Ardestan road and after starting steam unit, the total capacity of power plant will reach to 484 Mw.

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