TPPH Deputy of Production Leader at press conference: Increasing 600 Mw of power plants’ capacity by resolving limitations
12 May 2019
TPPH Deputy of Production Leader announced the start of power plant equipment export to Far East Region which are made in Iran and said: “more than 1000 new power plant parts are produced inside Iran.”

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Office, Abdolrasool Pishahang mentioned that 85 percent of Iran power generation belongs to thermal power plants and continued: “it is while these power plants generate 95 percent of the country’s electricity and we must be fully ready in servicing and maintaining them for this summer.”

While saying that the installed capacity of Iran is 81 thousands Mw, he explained: “this amount is including 12 thousands from hydropower plant, 6000 Mw is produced by industry, 1000 Mw atomic power plant, 3000 Mw dispersed production and 68 thousands Mw is from thermal power plants.”

He described about the power plants’ age: “in Iran power plants with 60 years age as well power plants with few months age are active and it can be said that the power plants with 60 years age are active with their preliminary production and efficiency. In fact, when the age of a power plant is increased, we must do some arrangements which we can use them with initial usage.”


Referring that each year the 95 thousands Mw program of repairing is announced to all power plants in September, he expressed: ‘last year 93 thousands and 93 Mw repairing program is announced to power plants.”

Saying that power plant repairing is done base on 8 parameters, he explained: “the readiness of repairing group, power plants’ fuel, requirements, consumption and accidents are among these parameters. The repairing amount has progressed 92.8 percent right now and it will be finished during next month.”

Emphasizing that one part of the power plant designing is based on environmental designing, he explained: “when we want to construct a power plant in a province, we consider height of the province and construct the power plant according to this parameter. It has been done in Kerman and Yazd Province as pilot.”

He said: “relying on domestic specialists from universities and research centers, every part which is needed in repairing, would be produced inside the country.”


Estimation of 26.5 generated Mw in Neka Power Plant

Mohsen Nemati, Managing Director of Neka Power Plant said: “Neka Power Plant is 40 years old and it is estimated the power plant generation will be increased to 26.5 Mw in the summer of this year in relation to last year.”

He continued: “the condensing pipes are changed in Neka Power Plant and about 100 tones pipes are used in each unit. About 10 thousands blades have been produced inside the country. For doing such process, a foreign company, GE, had estimated about 2.5 million euros as cost which we have done it with 1 billion and 950 million Tomans.”

Naser Mohammadi, Managing Director of Ramin Power Plant and Engineer Ali Aaghar Abdoli, Director General for the upgrading of power plants and the environment also spoke about reaching high efficiency in power plants, annual repairing and increasing power generation in the press conference.

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