In presence of I.R. of Iran Honorable First Vice President, Jahrom CCPP Steam Unit has opened
In presence of I.R. of Iran Honorable First Vice President and Minister of Power, Jahrom CCPP Steam Unit has opened with 320 Mw capacity

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Office, Mohsen Tarztalab, Managing Director of TPPH Co. mentioned in the side line of the ceremony: “steam unit of Jahrom CCPP includes 3 steam units, each 160 Mw and totally 480 Mw capacity which the first steam unit on March 2018 and the second unit in the current year are synced to national grid. This power plant electricity generation capacity after completing and exploitation of all steam units will reach to 1444 Mw.”

He added: “the gas unit of the power plant is including 6 gas units and totally has 964 nominal capacity. The amount of invest in these 2 units is more than 250 million euros which is prepared by three banks.”

Tarztalab stressed: “each steam units saves 250 million cubic meters in gas consumption annually and regarding this, 120 million euros will be saved annually by three gas units of Jahrom CCPP.”

Managing Director of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company said: “MAPNA Company is main contractor of this project and Ghods Niroo and Moshanir Engineering Companies respectively has done workshop supervision and high supervisory.”  

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